Full Stack Web Development

Learn Programming Fundamentals, Data Structures & Algorithms, Core CS concepts and Full Stack Web Development.
Prepares you for MNC’s, Product Companies and Startups.

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Basic Programming

Class Timings
Monday to Saturday
(8:00 PM – 10:30 PM)

6 Months
(Part Time)

Salary Commitment
5.0 – 25.0

Program Overview

Learn programming from scratch with the help of real-world projects, one-to-one mentorship from experienced professionals, and all-round interview preparation.

Live online classes

Personal Mentoring

Soft skills training

Interview Preparation

Referrals to Top Companies

Certificate of Completion

Program Details

This program offers a comprehensive curriculum using our unique blended learning approach to make you career-ready as a software developer upon successful completion of the program.
  • Programming Fundamentals / Java Fundamentals / Core CS Concepts
  • Linear / Non-Linear Data Structures
  • Web Development using HTML, CSS, JS
  • Advanced Data Structures & Algorithms (Specialization)
  • Advanced Frontend [HTML, CSS, JS, React, Redux] (Specialization)
  • Advanced Backend [Spring boot / Node Express, Mongo DB] (Specialization)
  • Quantitative Aptitude, Soft Skills
  • Capstone Project, Interview Preparation, Mock Interviews
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Hiring and Referral Partners

150+ product companies and well funded startups

Admission Process
(How To Apply?)

Apply at Geekster.in

Take the
Admission Test

Attend Free 7 day Pre-Course

Sign the ISA

Our Tutors & Mentors

geekster mentor

Aman Kumar

Saurabh Rai

Chirag Goel

Kanika Dawar

geekster mentor

Bittoo Aggarwal

Himanshu Parwani

Shashank Chauhan

Pay After Getting Hired

With our ISA (pay after placement) plan, you pay the course fee only after getting hired above the committed salary.
When you are hired, you share 20% of your monthly salary until the total course fee is paid.

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What Our Students Say
About Us

geekster full stack developer student

Vamsi Krishna

I was good at coding since college days but never programmed something big. The brilliant tutors at Geekster made me realize my true potential and helped me in working on live projects. Special thanks to Aman Sir for solving my doubts during the coding sessions.

geekster full stack developer student

Mayank Choudhary

If you are looking for full stack MERN development then Geekster is the right place. They offer a perfect combination of teaching and learning. The program consists of interactive classes, practice sessions, coding tests  and mentoring. They also guide you for soft skills and job search.

geekster full stack developer student

Rahul Kumar

Every class that Bittoo Sir  takes gets registered in my memory. I like the way he teaches logic and algorithms. He maps  core technical concepts to real life examples. It is because of him that I have developed so much interest in data structures.

Vaibhav Kachare

I am currently going through the full-stack development program at Geekster and I couldn’t be happier with the pace of learning and support provided by my mentors. We are learning live coding with the help of Aman Sir’s constant encouragement and guidance.

Pushpinder Singh

It was a memorable experience at Geekster with wonderful mentors and batchmates. I gained web development skills which helped me in getting my first job. My personal mentor helped me with all the doubts and I am very grateful for the constant guidance that was provided by Geekster.

Prasanta Kumar

I learnt coding back in college but all I needed was a routine to follow and upskill myself, the skills I learnt in geekster have really helped me gain confidence and trust in my coding. Techniques used by educators are good and easy to understand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the admission process?

Interested candidates need to apply on our website at geekster.in and appear for an online assessment test. The admit will be offered to selected candidates based on their performance in the assessment test and in the 1:1 discussion call. 

What can I expect in the assessment test?

The assessment test comprises of multiple choice questions to evaluate your programming and analytical skills.

When will I start receiving referrals?

Referrals are based on your preparation level. Typically, they start towards the end of the program. But, we can start referring candidates sooner if they are ready. We conduct referral eligibility tests to check the readiness.

What is the eligibility criteria for Geekster program?

Geekster programs are for people who are interested to build their careers in tech. You are eligible to apply if you are a final year student, a recent graduate or a working professional.

Do I need to have CS engineering degree for applying to Geekster?

Having a CS background is not a prerequisite for applying to the program. We encourage all engineering candidates willing to build a career in tech to apply, irrespective of their branch background.

I am a working professional, how will I be able to attend classes?

The classes are scheduled after office hours on weekdays and on the weekends.