Program Schedule & Curriculum

What is the eligibility criteria for Geekster programs?

Geekster programs are for people who are interested to build their career in tech. You are eligible to apply if you are a final year student, a recent graduate or a working professional.

Do I need to have a CS engineering degree for applying?

Having a CS only background is not a prerequisite for applying to the program. We encourage all engineering candidates willing to build a career in tech to apply irrespective of their branch background.

I am a working professional, how will I be able to attend classes?

The classes are scheduled during after office hours on working days and on the weekends.

What if I miss a class or lecture?

All classes are live sessions but are recorded and available on the student’s dashboard throughout the course duration for future reference. If a student misses out on a class, he/she can attend the session later at a convenient time.

Why is the intake size of the Geekster batch low?

Batch sizes are kept low to ensure personal focus on development of each candidate. However, we create new batches every month, if you are not selected in the current batch, you can apply again for the upcoming batch. Please keep checking the Geekster website or follow us on Facebook about the announcement of a new batch.

I want to pursue higher studies. Should I join the program?

The program is designed to upskill people in latest tech and increase their earning potential. If you plan to pursue higher studies you can join the program to learn, but we would recommend joining with a prepaid payment plan.

How are mentors assigned to students?

All our mentors are senior engineers working with top product companies. Mentors are assigned to students after due consideration of skill, experience and target companies of each candidate.

Entrance Test

What is the admission process?

Interested candidates need to apply on our website at and appear for an online assessment test. The admit will be offered to a selected few candidates based on your performance in the assessment test and a 1:1 discussion call. 

What can I expect in the assessment test?

The assessment test comprises basic coding problems to evaluate the programming and data structures skills

Do I need to be a good coder to apply for the program?

The candidate needs to have basic understanding of any one programming language and some fundamental knowledge of Data Structures & Algorithms (DSA).

Does college CGPA have any role in selection at Geekster?

CGPA has no role in selection of a candidate. The selection process is strictly based on the performance in the assessment test.

If I clear the exam but do not want to join the current batch, will the exam result be valid for admission in upcoming batches?

The test results are valid for admission into a specific batch only. If a student wants to enroll in an upcoming batch then he/she needs to clear the entrance test specific to that batch.

Payment Related Queries

Is there a difference in the course structure or placement assistance with different payment options?

Geekster does not differentiate among students on the basis of payment plan or any other criteria. Each candidate under the program will go through exactly the same course and will learn from the same Tutors & Mentors. There will also be no difference in the referral process for the candidates.

Will I be eligible for a refund, if I decide to leave in the middle of the program?

The student can leave the program within the first 7 days of joining in such case the entire fee paid will be refunded immediately without asking any questions. However, to continue after the first week students need to either pay the remaining course fee or share the signed ISA after which the fee will not be refunded.

Are there any education loans or EMI options available?

EMI option is available from our financing partners for the prepaid payment plans.


How many hours do I need to contribute?

You should be able to spend at least 1 hour every week with the students. If you are busy on weekdays you can spare time on weekends as well. 

What is the minimum duration for which I should be available?

You should be available for a minimum duration of 6 months which is the duration of one batch.

Do I need to visit the centre physically?

Geekster is a 100% online program, all the sessions take place remotely on our platform. Mentors do not need to visit physically and can take sessions from being anywhere in the world.

If I want to teach a course, will I have to create my own material?

Once you decide the course you want to take up, our content team will help you design and create the material as per your guidance.

How much can I earn?

Geekster mentorship program is a global community of senior engineers, mentors join the program primarily for honing their leadership skills and to connect with other talented people in the Industry. As a bonus, Mentors earn referral fees when the candidates they have referred to in their companies are hired.

Placement Process

When will I start receiving referrals?

Referrals are based on your preparation level. Typically, they start towards the end of the program. But, we can start referring candidates sooner if they are ready. We conduct referral eligibility tests to check the readiness. 

Is there a fixed number of companies that I will be referred to?

You will be referred to multiple companies until you get an offer letter.

How will this course help me in getting campus placement?

The program is designed to upskill candidates in technologies most demanded by the Industry. The skills learned during the program help candidates do significantly better in campus placements as well.

What if I don’t get a job after completing the course?

In the unlikely scenario where a candidate is not placed within the stipulated salary bracket, we work on the candidate’s weaker areas and continue to refer him/her to companies till an offer letter is received.

What if I don’t want to join the company that Geekster has referred me to?

A candidate is only referred to those companies that he/she is interested in joining.