Pay After Getting Hired
With our ISA (pay after placement) plan, you pay the course fee only after getting hired above the committed salary. When you are hired, you share 20% of your monthly salary until the total course fee is paid.

How our ISA works

green-tick-iconPay ₹0 tuition fee until you land a high paying job.
green-tick-iconPay 20% of your salary until the course fee is paid.
green-tick-iconPay nothing if you don’t get a job within 12 months of course completion.
green-tick-iconIf you loose your job, we help you find another.
green-tick-iconIf you decide to leave the program before finishing, you pay:
During Pre-Course
Within 30 days
Within 31-60 days
1 Lac
green-tick-iconYou are required to report any change in your income/job