All about ISA

Our investment in you!

Your financial background will no longer determine your ability to build a great career. With our ISA based programs, you can enhance your skills without being dependent on your family for fees. Study now and pay once you start earning in easy monthly instalments!

What is an ISA?

Income Share Agreement is an agreement between you and Geekster (us) which keeps us as invested in your success as you. We don’t get paid until you start earning. Not just that, if you earn less than the minimum amount we commit, you don’t have to pay a penny.
It is not an education loan and therefore
  • you do not have to pay any interest on this amount and
  • you do not require collateral
It is called Income Share Agreement because you share your income with us (capped at an amount obviously) as payment for the education that you received at no upfront cost.

What does it
mean for you?

Pay ₹0 tuition fee until you land a job of greater or equal to the committed amount!
When you get a job of more than the committed CTC - Pay 20% of your gross monthly salary till you pay out the fee.
If there is involuntary loss of employment ISA payments will be paused and we will help you get another job.
Please check FAQs to know what will be considered involuntary loss of job
In the rare event that you do not get a job of minimum committed CTC till a year after course completion, you pay nothing for learning.

Drop Out Clauses

If you discontinue the program or fail to follow the commitments of the agreement at any point after ISA is signed, you will be considered a drop-out and this is how it will impact your fee:
Module 1 (before signing the ISA)Nothing
Module 2 & 3 INR 50K
Module 4 to Module 7100% of the course fee
Why do we charge a fee on dropping out?
The skills that you learn at Geekster help you in your career whether or not you continue till end of program. It is only fair to recognize the effort put in by the Geekster team during your time with Geekster when you end the agreement prematurely.
In addition to this, if you voluntarily accept a job of less than the committed CTC within 1 year of signing ISA, you will be liable to pay 50% of the course fee as mentioned in the ISA.
*To be considered for any of these periods you need to send us a written confirmation within the time period.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the event you lose your job because:
  • your employer/company you wereplaced in stops its business,
  • pay-cut is introduced by your employer/company you were placed in, across the company,
  • lay-off by your employer/ company you were placed in, due to economic hardship
In such cases your payments will automatically be paused after you’ve reported the change and produced the requisite supporting documents. Payments will be resumed once you start earning more than the committed amount.

We will help you get another job.
Yes, you will! We will share a copy of the ISA with you which you can go through properly, clarify doubts if any with us or your advisors. Only once you are satisfied with the terms, should you sign the agreement.
CTC (Cost to company) is the total salary that the company promises to pay you in terms of fixed and variable pay inclusive of all monetary benefits. It is different from in-hand salary. Companies mention the CTC in the offer letter and that is what will be considered to calculate your monthly payments.
Your payment schedule will end when
  • you pay off the complete Program Fee
  • you pay off the complete Drop-out Fee in case you drop-out
  • it has been 12 months from the date of completion of the Program and you have not been successful in securing a Job Offer.
You start paying once you get your first salary above a certain amount.
It is very unlikely that you do not get a job once you complete the program properly. In the rare event that you don't get a job within the referral period, you don't have to pay anything for learning at Geekster.
We start referring you from the 3rd/4th month depending on your progress in the program.
We will counsel you about what's best for you but ultimately the choice will be yours to join or not.
No, the fee is fixed. Your monthly fee payment will increase which will help you pay out the total fee in fewer months.You can check monthly fee payment using the calculator above.
Referral period starts from the day you join Geekster and ends a year after your program ends. We give you job referrals in this duration.
Yes. You can apply to a job with a higher package even if you have already been selected for a job. We want you to get the best jobs out there and will always help you in it.