Why Fullstack Development is The Best Course to Pursue in 2021

Why Full stack Development

Full Stack Development is a job that exhibits superlative IT skills and versatility in software programming. It would not be wrong if we call a Full Stack Developer the jack of all trades. Gaining much attention with rapid technology change, the demand for Full Stack Developers has been consistently increasing over the past few years.

Highlight: Linkedin has featured it in its list of Emerging Job Report 2020 for the second consecutive year. According to the report, this role has seen a hiring growth of 35% every year since 2015.

A Full Stack Developer is someone who manages both the frontend and backend of the software development process. If we simplify it further, a Full Stack Development is an approach where a single person works on building the core of an application while also designing the user interaction side of the product through all the engineering stages.

So What Makes Full Stack Development One of The Best Courses to Choose from?

Choose This if You Want Immense Career Growth

Companies these days look for multi-talented professionals who can perform more than one role while keeping up with the market. This has made Full Stack Development a hot job in the IT industry. Being multidimensional opens umpteen job opportunities as companies always look for optimizing their resource cost. Since an experienced Full Stack Developer is more effective in terms of cost, skill, and tech; than a team who works on different layers of the product, startups and new-age companies prefer a one-man army over a team.

Build a Diverse Skill Set – Because The Competition in IT is Never-Ending

A Full Stack Developer must possess both soft skills and technical skills.

Pursuing Full Stack development enables you to learn diverse skills and combine them to develop excellent products. You will gain knowledge in database technologies, back-end coding, and programming languages like Java, PHP, Node JS, Python, Ruby, etc. You get to build your expertise in diverse skill sets as you will be responsible to know the in-and-out of back-end and front-end of an application with Full Stack Development.

Great Pay

With the rising demand for Full Stack Developers, the pay scale has also increased for this role. And it would not be wrong if we say that you will be one of the highest-paid professionals as a Full Stack Developer. If you have diverse knowledge and the right skill set, companies will pay handsomely. According to a survey conducted by Indeed, the average salary of a Full Stack Developer is more than the average salary of other software developers.

Creative Flexibility

Since you are the expert on the multiple aspects of the development process, you have more flexibility. You have more control as you work on both the database and on the client-side of the application. Having diverse knowledge also opens up opportunities for you to lead projects and play critical roles.

So, if you are someone who loves coding, has a knack for technology, is innovative, and loves creative freedom, then pursuing Full Stack Development is one good choice for utilizing your potential.

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